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Race Chip

Race Chip

When we say Performance in Automotive terms, we refer to the performance of car in different aspects. Some people judge performance based on their 0 to 100 kmph time. Handling is another measurement. When driving on test tracks, how does the car handle on successive left and right turns, and how quickly does it straighten out. The steering and suspension, then, decide performance of car Performance is also measured by the car's ability to brake

If you're driving fast the ability to slow down is vitally important.


When we talk about Performance we often hear Performance Tuning and terms like Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3,

So what are these stages?


*Stage 1 mods are Bolt-on generally and work on a standard condition of engine or may just be cosmetic changes and all these parts work isolated. Examples are lightweight alloys, air filters, catback exhaust system, lowering springs, suspension upgrade, big brake kits etc.


Stage 2 mods require specialist knowledge and tools. These mods offer higher power gains and thus need changes in other engine parts too. Examples are ECU remapping. Cold air intakes and exhaust systems with headers/decat downpipe or Race-Cat downpipe etc.


Stage 3 mots are regarded as TRACK DAY MODS and are far from ideal for road use. These mods need regular overhaul and service. The extra strain from these parts wears and tears engine faster. Examples are like performance clutch bon supercharger kits, stage 3 remaps and turbo & intercooler change.